New trend sport – plus size yoga?

Yoga is an Indian teaching that addresses both the body and the mind. It is expressly not designed for a specific target group, but should help all people to find inner harmony and become happy . Yoga is also suitable for people with a corpulent physique and overweight. Find out everything you need to know about Plus Size Yoga and what it’s all about.

Yoga – The ancient movement theory from India

The first records of yoga and yogi (people who practice and teach it) date back to 3000 BC. back. As part of the first high cultures on the Indus, it was initially male yogi who developed today’s yoga through a movement theory that is supposed to harmonize body, mind and soul. It was not until the 19th century that yoga became known in the western world, and it has been mainstream for about 10 years.

Yoga is mainly practiced by women today, but has been developed for all target groups – men & women, fat & thin, young and old. Because what yoga wants to achieve (inner balance and physical awareness), everyone actually benefits from it.

Plus size yoga – also for supposedly unsporty people

Plus Size Yoga , which is also known as Big Yoga, makes yoga exercises suitable for people with less sporting experience. The exercises can boost self-confidence and promote health. When it comes to yoga, glossy magazines and websites mainly rely on pictures of young and well-trained people who do the exercises in unusual places.

But that is only one side of yoga. Because the nice thing about the various exercises is that they can be easily integrated into everyday life . They don’t even have to be done on a mountain, by the sea, or in a forest clearing to be efficient. They can also be used comfortably at home or during the lunch break in a common room.

It is not even necessary to have any sporting experience. Even people who have barely or not at all trained can use the various exercises to get fit and do something good for themselves. Yoga is not about achieving top performance and breaking world records, but about getting into harmony with yourself and finding harmony for your own life .

Accordingly, the individual exercises can be individually adapted to your personal physical requirements. Regardless of how tall or heavy a person is and how much sporting experience they have, yoga offers the chance to take something with you for your own life and become happy.

The right clothing for plus size yoga

Yoga relies on very puristic exercises that mostly manage completely without aids . A yoga mat is enough to enjoy some comfort in the individual positions and not have to train on the hard floor. Other training equipment such as dumbbells, ropes or balls are not absolutely necessary. As part of the home workout, yoga is an ideal way to warm up and warm up.

What you should pay attention to, however, is the right plus size sportswear. This is characterized by the fact that it is very comfortable and allows the greatest possible freedom of movement. Yoga is about being flexible and holding different positions for as long as possible. If you concentrate on your sportswear and have to fear that it might slip, you will not be able to focus on the training.

That is why it is important to choose clothes that are comfortable in and that are suitable for sport . So it makes sense to pay attention to flexible, breathable fabrics and to choose clothing that prevents perspiration and does not absorb moisture.

Plus Size Yoga ist ein echter Motivationsschub für das Selbstbewusstsein.

Plus Size Yoga is a real motivational boost for self-confidence.

Yoga strengthens self-confidence

People who weigh a little more than others tend to have damaged self-esteem. This is because our society propagates an image of beauty that very few can compete with. Yoga pictures mainly show slim and well-trained people, with whom overweight people can hardly identify .

Anyone who compares themselves to such people will find it difficult to feel comfortable during yoga. That is why the efforts of many yoga teachers are honorable to move plus size yoga into the center of society . People have to be aware that yoga is not an elitist sport for competitive athletes, but was designed for everyone.

Those who understand this and adapt the exercises to their own needs can draw a great deal of self-confidence from yoga. After a short time, you will finally see initial training successes and you can take positions that you would not have even dreamed of before. This self-confidence can be transported out of Big Yoga into everyday life , which increases quality of life and joie de vivre.

This is how yoga affects the body

Plus size yoga is a real enrichment not only for the soul, but above all for the body. If you do the exercises regularly, you will quickly notice how the body becomes more agile and flexible and that tensions in various body regions are released. These are particularly triggered by everyday stress, unhealthy postures in the office and too much sitting.

These diverse dangers due to lack of exercise can be effectively reduced by plus size yoga. Yoga is also very beneficial for blood circulation: the blood circulation gets going and all body regions are reliably supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Gradually the muscles also define themselves through the individual exercises, whereby the body gets better and better and generally becomes fitter.

By adopting and holding different postures, balance and breathing are also optimized. Furthermore, the exercises lead to the fact that the inner balance is reached and one goes through life more calmly and calmly. Yoga helps to train concentration, so that you can focus better on different things .

Sustainable weight loss is also possible through yoga, because the metabolism and lymph flow are stimulated and, through better body awareness and self-confidence, other sports are also possible. However, with good motivation and implementation, it is also possible to lose weight quickly with just yoga.

This is extremely helpful in both personal and professional life. Those who practice plus size yoga get a better feeling for their own body and understand what it needs and what is good for them.


Plus size yoga in particular is not about standard solutions for everyone, but rather focuses on individual training. These are adapted to the respective participants so that they benefit as much as possible from the exercises . Yoga teachers often choose exercises that are easy on the joints and are particularly suitable for people with a higher body weight.

In addition, the various exercises increase over the course of the training. Nobody has to worry about being overwhelmed by Big Yoga. Your own training rhythm is always taken into account and your individual preferences and training goals are decisive when choosing the exercises.

Have you already gained experience with plus size yoga that you would like to share with us or just have a question? Then write to us in the comments!

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