Firm buttocks – the 10 best buttocks exercises for at home

Get to know the 10 best buttocks exercises for at home

The wish list for a perfect figure is long for most women. In addition to a flat stomach, slim legs and firm breasts, everyone only wants one thing, a firm, cracking butt. When no gym is within reach, many throw in the towel. But there are countless buttocks exercises that you can easily do at home, because you don’t get a firm buttocks through diet, but solely through hard training.

The 10 best buttocks exercises for at home and the right fitness accessories, we want to bring you a little closer today, so that you too can achieve your dream figure. If you haven’t done any hard butt exercises, you will probably get a little sore muscles at the beginning, this is completely normal. Nevertheless, we would like to advise you not to overdo it right at the beginning. Take it slow, because a firm bottom doesn’t come overnight anyway, and certainly not if you always take a week off between training sessions because everything hurts. Try to do your pot training at home at least three times a week.

But now back to the topic, the best buttock exercises for at home. You should get into the habit of doing each exercise with 20 repetitions and 3 sets, i.e. always 3 x 20 repetitions. Of course not all 10 buttocks exercises, it’s best to choose 3 exercises per training unit.

Butt exercise 1: leg raises or Donkey Kicks

To do this, get on all fours. Your knees should be under your hips and your arms under your shoulders. Now stretch your right leg backwards horizontally at hip height. Now bend your lower leg so that the sole of your foot is facing up and then move your leg towards the ceiling. Now do the whole thing backwards again and then a total of 20 repetitions before you do the same with the other leg. To make the whole thing a bit more difficult, you can also work with a TheraBand.

Butt exercise 2: The queen of butt exercises for at home – Squats

Among professionals, the guide for the squats: “Ass to the grass!”. Say you should go deep down. To do this, stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, with the foot syringes turned slightly outwards. Tighten your abdominal muscles during this buttock exercise. Bend down on your knees, but be careful – you should stretch your buttocks back, keep your back straight and bend your upper body slightly forward. To increase the intensity, you can hold a dumbbell or alternatively use a TheraBand.

Butt exercise 3: Kickbacks

Kickbacks are and are usually performed on the cable in the gym a wonderful isolation exercise for the butt. With the TheraBand foot straps and the door anchor, you can also do it very well at home. Attach the foot straps to your legs and stand up straight. Position your standing leg so that the resistance band is under tension. Your back should stay straight and straight. It is best if you can support yourself with your hands somewhere so that you do not lose your balance. Now move the other leg backwards against the resistance and hold the tension in the end position for a few seconds before returning to the starting position in a controlled manner. You repeat this 20 times before switching to the other leg.

Butt exercise 4: Lunges or lunges

This butt exercise at home is not exactly easy, but very effective. That’s why it’s rightly one of the 10 best buttocks exercises for at home. Stand up straight and tense your stomach. Now take a big step forward with one leg, so far that your knee does not protrude beyond your foot when you go down. Now you go down until the other knee lightly touches the floor and then up again. After you’ve done your reps, switch legs. Here, too, you can adjust the level of difficulty with dumbbells or a TheraBand.

Butt exercise 5: Sumo Squats

In principle, sumo squats are performed in the same way as normal squats. However, here you put your legs wide apart and not just shoulder width. This puts a completely different load on your buttocks muscles, you will notice it.

Butt exercise 6: The bridge

In addition to your buttocks muscles, your abdominal and back muscles are also used here. Lie on your back and bend your knees, placing your arms parallel next to you with your palms facing down. Now lift your buttocks until your body forms a straight line between your knees and your head. Make sure that your knees are always above your heels, not in front of and not behind. The strength to perform this buttock exercise should always come from the hips.

To put a little more strain on your thighs, you can tighten a resistance band around your knees. A variant with TheraBand between your palms and your hips can also increase the level of difficulty for advanced users and put a little more strain on your buttocks.

If you put the soles of your feet together during this exercise, you can do the so-called frog with the same execution Perform Pump. Since your knees are pointing outwards, your buttocks are stressed differently again.

Butt exercise 7: The fire hydrant

Yes, this exercise is actually called that and you can certainly imagine why that is ?! Right, the dog that pees on the hydrant. In the ranking of the 10 best buttocks exercises for at home , this exercise should not be missing because it is extremely effective. As with the previous buttocks exercises at home, you can also increase the intensity here with a fitness band. Get on all fours, arms shoulder width apart, thighs together.

Make sure that your back is always straight and that you have a stable posture. Now you lift one leg sideways, but only so far that your torso does not twist, because the execution should come from the hip or your buttock. After you’ve done your 20 repetitions, you can switch to the other leg.

Butt exercise 8: Side lunges

This butt exercise at home also trains the inside of your thighs. Stand up straight and tense your stomach. Now shift your weight onto your right leg and take a long lunge step to the left with your left leg. You bend your right knee and keep your left leg straight. Your upper body should always stay upright. Make sure that, as with conventional lunges, your right knee does not protrude beyond your foot and that your knees are not twisted inwards or outwards.

Butt exercise 9: Hip Thrusts

This buttock exercise for at home is an absolute must for everyone who wants a firm bottom. Even with this exercise, advanced users can increase the intensity with a barbell on their hips or a TheraBand. Lie on your shoulders on the edge of the bed, couch, or bench. The main thing is that the piece of furniture is high enough that one knee and chest are at the same level. Your shoulder blades should rest on the edge.

Now pull your feet in so far that your knees are over your heels. Your lower legs are now vertical. Now push yourself off with your heels and lift your hips until your upper body is level. Make sure that your feet always stay on the ground and that you do not stand on tiptoe. Vary the position of your feet a little to find out when your gluteal muscles are most stressed.

Butt exercise 10: The standing scales

To do this buttock exercise, stand upright again and tense the stomach. Now you are shifting your weight onto your right leg. Now you lift your stretched left leg backwards, whereby your stretched upper body, with outstretched arms, goes forward. Ideally, at least horizontally. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds and return to the starting position. After 20 repetitions you do the whole thing with the other leg.

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