Boost Testosterone – The Best Supplements and Foods!

muscles. Charisma. Enjoyment of life. Libido. Hardly any other hormone is so strongly associated with masculinity and strength as testosterone. Controversial, loved, feared, sometimes mystified – it is often forgotten that it is a completely natural hormone with a completely natural effect – for men and women. Would you like to increase your testosterone in a natural and sustainable way? And with natural foods and supplements? Then you are right here!

What is testosterone?

Testosterone (“Testo”) is a steroid hormone and is formed from the precursors cholesterol, pregnenolone, DHEA and dihydroepiandrosterone. Other known steroid hormones are cortisol, estrogen, aldosterone, and progesterone.

Testosterone is an androgen (male hormone) and is about 100 times more concentrated in men than in women. Women also produce testosterone in the ovaries and adrenal cortex. Men form it in the Leydig cells of the testicle.

Testosterone is formed from its precursor DHEA via two reactions. It is most biologically active in the form 5α-dihydro-testosterone. If you ever sit on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and get asked this question, now you know.

During embryo development, it is the task of testosterone to develop the male sexual organs. In teenage and young adulthood, men have the highest testosterone level, which then slowly falls from the age of 30.

These effects testosterone has in men and women, for a lifetime:

  • Muscle growth
  • Bone and cartilage growth
  • Hair growth
  • Strengthening the immune system (helpful with autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency)
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Increase in the production of dopamine and thyroid hormones, which increases energy consumption and the joy of life
  • Growth of the genital organs
  • Develop a deep voice

These are the reasons why testosterone is so in focus in competitive sports. These points are worth striving for and are part of a healthy and active life. Not only for bodybuilders, but actually for all of us.

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Testosterone stands for joy of life and energy!

Increase testosterone – more than just a “bodybuilder hormone”

Testosterone stands for quality of life, for charisma, for “want to live (Edubily)”, not just for big biceps. This prejudice is unjustified.

Testosterone is also a marker for a healthy metabolism and zest for life, because it is in a triangular relationship with dopamine (a happiness hormone) and fT3 (thyroid hormone). These three hormones support and increase each other. A high testosterone level leads to a good mood, a good attitude to life (dopamine) and a active metabolism (T3).

Before we get to the best nutritional supplements that are suitable for your testosterone level, I would like to give you some valuable tips on how you can increase testosterone with a good lifestyle. Because food supplements should only complement a healthy and good lifestyle, not replace it:

Increase testosterone in a natural way

Unfortunately, this point has not been adequately researched scientifically because studies can always be diluted by various factors.

But on the basis of numerous books, some scientific work and customer experience, some foods can be named that are able to increase testosterone levels.

These foods therefore belong in a healthy diet and also help you to increase your testosterone:

    • Organic eggs
    • High quality meat and proteins from beef and lamb
    • Oily sea fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, rich in omega-3 fatty acids)
    • Seafood and seaweed
    • Offal
    • Pasture butter
    • Raw carrots
    • Raw cocoa
    • Almonds, Brazil nuts
    • … and other healthy snacks

I know these are not many foods, but at least some that you can rely on. Many men eat a diet rich in healthy and high quality protein with increasing testosterone levels. The good quality of the products is particularly important: as unprocessed as possible, organic / wild-caught if possible.

Sleep and stress – the basis for increasing your testosterone

If you want to increase your testosterone, sleep and stress should not be left out. Because:

  • Without a good nightly regeneration, your body cannot regenerate and recover sufficiently
  • This increases your cortisol level during the day
  • At the same time, testosterone and growth hormone (hGH) drop
  • Permanent stress robs the body of valuable resources and leads to the fact that pregnenolone does not produce testosterone but cortisol

So please also consider good and adequate sleep and pay attention to stress reduction and good stress competence (healthy handling of stress). The most important tips and tricks for this in brief:

  • Get enough sleep at night (at least 7 hours, better 8)
  • Pay attention to good sleep hygiene (as dark, quiet, cool and relaxed as possible in the bedroom)
  • Switch off Wi-Fi and mobile phones at night
  • Also leave your cell phone off during the day so that you are not always available
  • Take an hour every day just for you (without electronic entertainment media)
  • Allow yourself an hour every day for physical activity and exercise
  • Go for a longer walk in nature on the weekend
  • Try meditation, yoga or a relaxing hobby that lets you relax in the evening
  • Don’t watch too exciting and suspenseful films or video games before going to bed – you will automatically sleep worse

These basics were important. You can try to increase your testosterone with foods and supplements – if you sleep too little and are constantly stressed, it won’t do as much as it could.

Now we come to a very exciting topic: With which dietary supplements can you increase your testosterone?

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Start with sleep.

Increase testosterone – The best nutritional supplements

One thing first: For testosterone formation there are a few building blocks. If you give your body all the building blocks it needs, it will provide you with testosterone and give you the energy that you naturally need.

If even one of these building blocks is missing, there is a risk of testosterone deficiency. Unfortunately, this is very common in our society.

For this reason, the supplements that science says can best increase testosterone levels are well-known nutrients and some extracts.

Don’t forget, that most test boosters on the market don’t necessarily have to work just because “Test boosters” are on the package. Good marketing in combination with a good brand quickly leads to a strong placebo effect.

Before you waste money on expensive combination products, invest in decent foods (see above) and the right nutrients. Your body will thank you with a higher testosterone level.

# 1 Maca

How does it work? A so-called saponin in Maca is partially converted into testosterone. According to studies, the testosterone level is only slightly increased, but the libido increases significantly. So if your libido is your thing, Maca is recommended.

How do you take it? 2–3 capsules of maca extract daily, each time before a meal.

Where can you buy it? Best price-performance ratio here *.

Proof of studies: [1-3]

# 2 Vitamin D

Worth mentioning : 85% of all Germans have a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D seems to be essential for testosterone production, so fix this deficiency first if you want to increase your testosterone.

How does it work? Increase in testosterone production in the Leydig cells, increase in the anabolic signaling substance IGF-1.

How is it taken? I recommend men take 5000 IU daily in all months with an “R” (September to April), women 3000-4000 IU. The goal is a vitamin D level in the blood of 40-60 ng / ml.

Where can you buy it? I recommend this product * because it is of high quality, purity and is easy to dose.

Vitamin D3 K2 Banner

Proof of studies: [4-8]

# 3 Zink

Worth mentioning: Zinc is a deficient nutrient similar to vitamin D, because it is only contained in high-quality, natural meat (red meat) and seafood (oysters!).

How does it work? On the one hand zinc is a cofactor for testosterone production in the Leydig cells, on the other hand it inhibits the enzyme aromatase, which breaks down testosterone and thus inactivates it. A sufficient zinc level almost automatically increases the testosterone level compared to a deficiency

How is it taken? I recommend 30 mg daily for men and 20 mg for women.

Where can you buy it? This manufacturer offers high quality, purity and price-performance ratio. *.

Proof of studies: [9-10]

# 4 Magnesium

Worth mentioning: Magnesium is contained in all green products because it is responsible for the green color of plants (part of chlorophyll). Anyone who does not eat enough greens every day (approx. 300–500 g) or supplements magnesium could have a magnesium deficiency (every second German).

How does it work? Magnesium is involved whenever there is energy flowing in the body. Testosterone is a reproductive signal that the body only produces during periods of high energy. Magnesium is therefore necessary for testosterone formation.

How is it taken? In the event of a magnesium deficiency, I recommend 300 mg of magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate or glycinate in the morning and in the evening, due to the high bioavailability. (recommended for athletes genotropin 12 mg ) If there is no deficiency, 400 mg of magnesium in the evening is sufficient. Cheap magnesium oxide from the drugstore is also an option, but it also has a quick laxative effect. Magnesium also lets you sleep better and regenerate.

Where can you buy it? I recommend this manufacturer *.

Proof of studies: [11]

# 5 Creatine

Worth mentioning: Creatine is one of the most well-researched supplements in sport and increases testosterone levels. Regardless of this, it also increases concentration, focus, strength, endurance and muscle growth.

How does it work? Unfortunately I can’t answer this question, but studies show that it increases testosterone.

How is it taken? How often does it claim you don’t need a loading phase – 4-5 g creatine daily dissolved in water are completely sufficient.

Where can you buy it? The quality is pretty high everywhere. Due to the price-performance ratio, this manufacturer is suitable:

Proof of studies: [12-13]

# 6 Iodine and Selenium

Worth mentioning: Like most of the nutritional supplements mentioned here, both are classic nutritional deficiencies.

How does it work? Iodine and selenium are in most cases the limiting factors for the formation of the thyroid hormone fT3. Increasing this thyroid hormone can increase your testosterone . At the same time, metabolic performance and life energy increase.

How is it taken? I recommend kelp extract ** daily and depending on body weight 200-400 µg selenium preparation or four Brazil nuts.

** If you suffer from an underactive thyroid, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease or any other thyroid disease, please discuss your iodine intake with your doctor.

Where can you buy it? Kelp extract *, selenium *.

Proof of studies: [14-15]

Infographik zu den sechs besten Supplements zum Testosteron steigern

# 7 Ashwagandha

What is it? Ashwagandha is also called “Indian ginseng” and is the most important natural substance in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a powerful adaptogen and helps the body deal better with stress and reduce the effects of stress.

How does it work? The most important factor is the reduction in cortisol levels. Especially in times of high stress the body produces less cortisol which means there is more pregnenolone available for the production of testosterone. But it also seems to directly stimulate testosterone production in the Leydig cells.

How to take? Depending on body weight, 1-2 capsules of extract per day. Very good in combination with the Cordyceps.

Where can you buy it? This is a good product with a solid price-performance ratio.

Proof of studies : [16-19]

# 8 Cordyceps sinensis

What is it? Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom known from traditional Chinese medicine. In the wild, it attacks caterpillar larvae and occurs only in the high plateaus of the Himalayas. It has been grown in bioreactors (vegan and without caterpillars) for 40 years.

How does it work? Similar to Ashawandha, Cordyceps is a powerful adaptogen. It relieves stress and stimulates testosterone production in the Leydig cells. It also protects the sexual organs from environmental toxins. In this article, it is probably the strongest natural substance for increasing testosterone levels.

How to take ? Depending on body weight, 1-2 capsules of extract daily.

Where to buy ? I recommend the product “Mico Cord” from Hifas da Terra – it is high-dose, high quality, pure and much more potent than any other product on the market.

Proof of studies : [20-22]

Further supplements with the expected effect to increase testosterone

The following nutrients and supplements are also strongly suspected of increasing testosterone levels, but studies in this regard have either not yet appeared or are not conclusive enough. However, it is sufficient to make initial statements.

Tribulus Terrestris: Seems to increase testosterone and sperm production in men over 40 and infertile men. But not as effective as the other substances.

Vitamin A + K2 + E: All three fat-soluble vitamins are involved in their own way in the formation of testosterone or in the inhibition of testosterone breakdown. You can find vitamin A in pasture butter and beef liver, vitamin E in eggs and nuts. I recommend taking vitamin K2 with a good supplement (200 µg) – for more information click here: Vitamin K2 foods.

Mucuna Pruriens : The pruritus bean Mucuna contains L-Dopa, a direct precursor of the happiness hormone dopamine. Similar to the thyroid hormone, dopamine also directly increases testosterone.

Horny Goat Weed : So it actually means: the “herb of the horny goats”. It is known that this herb has similar effects in animals, studies with human subjects are still lacking.

Conclusion – Increase testosterone naturally and sustainably

That’s about it! These few lines contain everything you need to know if you want to increase your testosterone – through diet and food supplements. In fact, even more substances are known, which, however, have not yet been proven in scientific studies.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of quackery about testosterone because one of the most common goals is to maximize the body’s production of testosterone. Most of the testosterone boosting products on the market are more likely to be good marketing than having real effects. The substances mentioned here have shown a particularly good effect in scientific studies.

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