The 7 best exercises for the perfect hard butt – booty workout!

Booty Workout – Training for the perfect crack butt!

If you listen to the reasons why women go to the gym, a firm, round butt is always among the top 10! Especially in summer you want to present your downside in the best light when it’s time to wear hot pants, bikinis and short skirts. That’s why we’d like to show you some of the best Knackpo exercises with which you can achieve your long-awaited goal. But before we explain the exercises to you, it should be noted that this is NOT possible without proper sports nutrition! The rear part is also a muscle, the largest in the body. That is why it is also called Gluteus Maximus. Muscle must therefore be built up in order to achieve a plump and round shape of the bottom. Diet control supplements, protein powder, training boosters and vitamins & minerals can help you with this. But now to the buttocks exercises that we at Gymnative recommend to you after a successful self-test:

Tiiiieeef !! Squats, or squats, in all variants ranked # 1 of the best crack butt exercises

With this training exercise the firm bottom is guaranteed. Put your feet about shoulder width apart, tiptoe straight forward. The heels always stay on the ground. At the beginning you can work without additional weight. If you are confident in the execution, however, you should work with weights, as we aim to build muscle. To do this, you can hold a dumbbell between your legs with both hands or place a barbell on your shoulders. When doing this, make sure to keep your back straight and go down far enough. At least 90 ° between the lower thigh and thigh. Depending on your body structure, please do not go too deep, otherwise you risk an injury.

Leg raises – make the buttocks round and firm

For this buttocks exercise you go down on all fours. Make sure that your thighs and arms are at right angles to your torso. So that the intervertebral discs are relieved, you adopt a slightly arched back posture. Now stretch one leg straight back. Now you move it up and down slowly and in a controlled manner without the foot touching the ground. Focus on the glutes and bring tension into them. Repeat this 15-20 times before taking the other leg. You can intensify the effect on the buttocks by pressing your heels through and pulling in your toes. In order to promote muscle building, you can also do this exercise with leg loops on the cable.

Good Mornings – Tighten the buttocks very effectively – One of the best crack butt exercises

Good mornings are quite difficult and should not be performed by beginners, otherwise there is a risk of injury. Nevertheless, these are one of the most effective cracking exercises. To do this, take a barbell behind your head and position it in the neck or the back of your shoulder. To keep your balance, your hands grip much wider than your shoulder width. The feet are positioned hip-width apart and the heels remain on the floor. Keep your legs almost straight while doing the exercise. The upper body also remains stretched, chest out, tense abdominal muscles, looking forward. Care must be taken that a slight hollow back is made. Otherwise it can happen that the lower back is bent unintentionally and the mentioned risk of injury occurs. To do this, bend the upper body slowly and in a controlled manner forward through the hip joint until it is horizontal. It is inhaled. As you exhale, move your upper body back up. Always make sure not to change the position of the upper body! With the additional weight used, the muscle building is really promoted!

lunges with dumbbells – targeted training for a firm bottom

Lunge steps with dumbbells are ideal for exercising your buttocks at home or in the gym. To do this, take the dumbbells in your hands and stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Look forward, back straight and tense the abdominal muscles. The dumbbells remain hanging vertically down next to your body throughout the exercise. Next, take a long step forward while inhaling. The further the lunge, the more intense the effect on the bottom. The leg that you are moving forward should be bent at approximately a 90 ° angle between the upper and lower leg. Always make sure that the foot is at least at knee level, better before. The back leg should now be behind your body, at least so far that the knee is behind your hip. As you exhale, press your upper body back over your front leg to the starting position. Then it’s the other leg. Make sure that your upper body is always stretched out. Advanced practitioners can also vary this exercise by pointing the front leg either crosswise or outward. With this you can really challenge the buttock muscle.

Hip Thrusts shape the buttocks and should not be forgotten in any booty workout

Hip Thrusts or Hip Raises are a must for your butt workout and can be done anywhere. The best known variant among the crack butt exercises works without additional weights, just lying on the floor. But we want to build muscle, which is why we describe the variant with weights here. Place your upper back on the flat bench and position your feet about shoulder width apart on the floor. Make sure that your sole stays on the ground during the exercise. The angle between the upper and lower legs should be approx. 90 °. Put a barbell on your hip. It is best to use a cushion around the bar so that you do not hurt yourself. Move your hips toward the floor while exhaling. When you reach the bottom, move your hips up again so that your thighs and upper body form a line. You breathe out. To make this exercise more intense, you should hold the upper position for a few seconds before releasing it. Repeat this movement 15-20 times.

Kickbacks on the cable pull help you get a firm bottom

Kickbacks are performed on the cable pull – a wonderful isolation exercise for the buttocks. That is why they are right at the top of the ranking of the Knackpo exercises ! Muscle building is stimulated very well by the counterweight. The only thing you need are foot straps, which are attached to the ankles and the lower pulley on the cable pulley. Then you stand in front of the cable pulley and position the supporting leg about 2 foot lengths in front of the roller. Keep your back straight and straight, holding onto the tower with both hands. Now move the other leg backwards against the resistance and hold the tension at the end position for a few seconds before you return to the starting position in a controlled manner. Once there, don’t pause, just do the next repetition. You do this 15-20 times before you switch to the other leg.

The Wall Sit – The butt exercise for the gym and at home

Wall sitting is often underestimated, but it is very effective for getting a well-formed crack bottom. To do this buttock exercise, just stand with your back against a wall and step forward with your feet. In doing so, you slide your upper body down until your knees are at a right angle. You just hold this position as long as you can. For advanced users, it is advisable to take a medicine ball between your knees or place a weight plate on your thighs. This makes the exercise a little more difficult and the muscle building is stimulated by the new stimulus.

Sooooo …. these were our top cracking butt exercises . So that you can get to your dream back as quickly as possible, you should do these exercises 3 times a week. Each set should be 15-20 repetitions, 3 sets per exercise. Please do not forget, however, that in order to achieve your goals you should always focus on nutrition. Everything you see in the mirror results for the most part from how you eat!

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