Whey Basics: It’s all about the milk!

The importance of proteins for muscle building

Let’s start at the very beginning: The body could be compared to a structure. What do we need for this? Right, building materials. In our case, these are primarily the macro-nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates). Proteins, i.e. proteins, take on the role of building blocks in this example. Without sensible stones, we will not be able to build a robust structure that will withstand the forces of nature! Or rather the 150kg bench press.

Basics of protein sources

Let’s first take a look at the different types of protein that are classically found in the field of dietary supplements for muscle building and fat loss. There are protein sources of animal and vegetable origin here. In the field of supplements, there are usually two types of protein of animal origin: casein [milk protein] and whey protein [whey protein]. For vegans and as an optimal supplement, there are also high-quality protein products based on vegetable proteins: soy protein, pea and rice protein.

Types of whey protein [whey]

Whey protein is also divided into three types: The whey protein concentrate is the simplest form of whey protein. The protein content is between 70-80%, carbohydrates 6-8% and fat 4-7%. Since it is comparatively cheaper to produce, this usually forms the basis of a whey product. The whey protein isolate is particularly pure and has a protein content of 90-96% and a lower fat and carbohydrate content. The third form is the whey protein hydrolyzate. Using a special process, the protein chains are broken down into the finest fragments, so that they can be absorbed by the body even faster. Disadvantage: The bitter taste, which is why it only appears in small amounts in the whey product, if at all, so that it cannot be perceived.

As with mothers …

If we take a look at the natural kingdom, we find that in the animal kingdom, milk always has a higher proportion of casein . Exception: human breast milk. The whey protein content is higher here, so it is given by nature and thus helps the growing person to achieve the best possible growth of the body. High-quality whey protein supplements should therefore be a part of the nutrition plan of every fitness fan and athlete, whether man or woman.

Which whey protein product is right for me?

Opinions are divided when it comes to choosing the right products. One swears by Frey Nutrition, the other by ESN and the next by Blackline 2.0 or American products like Weider. But the fact is, they are all very high quality! For the athlete who doesn’t necessarily want to go on stage, the differences in the nutritional composition of the various manufacturers do not play a major role. It is not worth mentioning whether one gram of fat is more or less for 100g. With its Triple Whey, Frey Nutrition offers a protein powder in which a 3-component whey matrix comes into play, whereby the whey protein isolate content is 30% and thus the highest possible biological value is achieved. In comparison, this results in the lowest fat and carbohydrate content (approx. 2g per 100g). Blackline’s 2.0 Honest Whey + and ESN Designer Whey also offer very high quality products and rely on a 2-component matrix with a proportion of 12.5% ​​(Blackline) and> 30% (ESN) whey protein isolate. Since the differences in nutritional values ​​are absolutely irrelevant for non-athletes, we just have to ask ourselves which flavor we prefer from which brand. And tastes are known to be very different.

Ready for the stage?

Anyone who really wants to be on stage as a competition athlete or just wants to get the best out of it for “fun”, every calorie counts and every gram of fat and often uses pure whey protein isolate, which has a significant impact on the price. A suitable product offers e.g. ESN (ISO Whey Hardcore). But of course you can also find numerous other products in our shop. In any case, pure whey protein isolate is used here, the protein content being approx. 86%.

Information and advice

Too much information? If you need support in choosing the right whey product or, of course, any other supplement, we will be happy to advise you. Just write a short e-mail.

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