The Blood Type Diet – Does It Maximize Muscle Building And Fat Burning?

The blood group nutrition according to D’Adamo

Stone Age sports nutrition – blood group diet for fast muscle building and higher fat burning

Die Blood group diet was developed by naturopath D’Adamo. But can you really lose weight and boost fat burning by adapting the sports nutrition to your blood group? According to the inventor, this is possible because he is convinced that the properties of red blood cells are reflected in human evolution.

According to the specifications of blood group nutrition , the hunter-gatherer has blood group 0, the farmer who cultivates in fields has blood group A and the farmer with herding and associated milk production has blood group B. According to the theory, incorrect sports nutrition that is not tailored to the body’s chemistry is to blame for insufficient progress in Building muscle and burning fat. For the normal citizen of Otton, accordingly, on obesity and modern clinical pictures such as diabetes.

The blood group nutrition in detail

D’Adamo assumes that all people at the beginning of time had the same blood group (0) and the other blood groups gradually evolved from them. Fitness food that is not suitable for the blood group favors the absorption of so-called lectins (food proteins) which then get into the blood and supposedly clump together. As a result, health problems such as Cancer arise. For this reason, you should only consume food and supplements with your sports nutrition that have been classified as tolerable according to D’Adamo.

Special features of the blood groups on sports nutrition

With blood group 0, the blood group diet primarily prescribes protein for muscle building and fat burning, based on meat and fish. Since lean meat should be preferred in our sports nutrition, beef rump is recommended here. Pike, cod, sockeye salmon or hake can be prepared on fish. For vitamins & co. ensures sufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables. Broccoli, figs, plums, sweet potatoes, algae, kale, Swiss chard, onions and red peppers are ideal. Supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals are also partly on the list of wholesome sports nutrition. However, dairy products should avoid this type entirely, as well as some oils and nuts. Beans and lentils are also unsuitable.

The blood group nutrition of blood group A is for rapid muscle building and high fat burning vegetarian based. The focus here is on cereals (e.g. rye, buckwheat), legumes (beans and lentils), vegetables (broccoli, kale, kohlrabi) and fruit (e.g. pineapples, figs, apricots and blueberries). This guy has to hold back when it comes to dairy products. Wholesome types of fish are cod, sockeye salmon and perch. For oils and nuts it is similar to blood group 0 (preferably olive or linseed oil). Supplements such as minerals and vitamins are also partially approved here.

blood group B, the blood group diet considers a mixed sports nutrition for everyday life. Meat (lamb salmon or game), fish (pike, cod, redfish and hake) and dairy products (yoghurt, kefir, skimmed milk, cottage cheese) ensure successful muscle building. Chicken and crustaceans should be avoided, and legumes and grains should only be consumed in small quantities. However, rice is classified as very digestible. Supplements in the form of magnesium are classified as very digestible for this type.

Blood group AB consumed with blood group nutrition for maximum muscle growth and optimal Fat burning is best a mix of sports nutrition from A and B. The diet is mainly vegetarian, with vegan supplements from Profuel. Occasionally, meat, fish and dairy products can also be on the menu. Here, too, the rice is very digestible. The supplements mentioned should be considered, especially to meet protein requirements. The protein powders from Profuel (e.g. Plantein Duo) are the first choice here. But Blackline 2.0 now also has an excellent, vegan protein powder! Dietary supplements for the vitamin C household are classified as very digestible for this type.

But should you just believe the blood group theory and renounce your sports nutrition and supplements?

From a scientific point of view, there is no evidence that a selection of sports nutrition depending on the blood group contributes to fat burning and thus to weight loss and that it will not maximize muscle growth. If you consider, for example, that a large number of natural athletes in bodybuilding will have blood group 0 and thus consume dairy products, including whey protein, in large quantities and still have an extremely low body fat percentage, this gives enough reason to doubt or suspect the blood group theory. not to see them so closely.

The lectins (food proteins) in sports nutrition that are denounced in blood group nutrition, their effect on the human body has not been adequately researched, are largely destroyed during cooking and by the body’s own digestive enzymes and are not absorbed at all. Another fact is the division of blood groups. We recommend to athletes To date, around 30 markers have been identified on the surface of red blood cells. If all of these were taken into account, there would also be significantly more blood groups, each of which would require individual sports nutrition.

Since the guidelines for carrying out the blood group diet on a reduced-calorie diet, accordingly based on an athletic diet, it logically works. Nevertheless, if you eat strictly according to the guidelines, blood group 0 and A can lead to malnutrition, as certain nutrients are not sufficiently absorbed, which should be balanced with appropriate supplements. The meat-based diet of blood group 0 increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, since a lot of saturated fatty acids are consumed. Since dairy products are banned, calcium, which is important for the body, is also missing. Accordingly, one can say that there is a bit of truth in every piece of wisdom In general, you shouldn’t just replace a balanced mixed diet that includes all foods. Everyone has to find out for themselves what they can better digest in their sports nutrition and what not. Doing without it, just because it is prescribed after the blood group nutrition, can sooner or later lead to food cravings, which make it unnecessarily difficult to lose weight and burn fat. Ultimately, one can say that for a weight change, be it through muscle building or through targeted fat burning, the calorie balance is always decisive, regardless of which food sources or supplements the calories are taken from.

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