The 10 best tips for successful muscle building

The 10 best tips for successful muscle building

What do we go to the gym for every day? Right to stimulate muscle building and fat burning! In order for you to achieve your sporting goals, we would like to give you the best tips for building muscle on the way with this article.

Protein-rich diet – give your muscles the necessary material

How do you say so beautifully? If you want to build a house, you need stones! The hardest training will not be of any use if the body does not get enough energy. The be-all and end-all is proper nutrition, with a concentrated portion of protein (between 2-3g per kg of body weight per day) For muscle building you should also get a calorie surplus of approx. 500 kcal over your requirements through the right sports nutrition. You can find more on this topic in our article “The Secret of Calorie Balance”.

Stimulating muscles – regular, heavy training is the key

If you want to build muscle successfully, you have to set a corresponding stimulus and not just tickle! Train hard and hard! 8-15 reps should be targeted. Hold on to a weight with which you can just about manage the last repetition, but no more would be possible. The ladies shouldn’t be afraid of heavy weights either, because you won’t mutate into the female Hulk right away! But you simply lack a sufficient portion of testosterone, which is naturally given in men.

Fast muscle building with basic exercises

Basic exercises are so effective because a lot of muscles are used at the same time. The core muscles are always trained, which ensures a strong core. All of this means stress for the body, but positive stress, which stimulates increased growth hormone release. Of course, if you overdo it and go far beyond your limits, this degenerates into negative stress and the cortisol level rises, which in turn has an unfavorable effect on the release of growth hormones. The classic basic exercises include deadlifts, shoulder presses, pull-ups, bench presses and squats.

Constantly increasing the weights to set new stimuli for muscle building

Tried to continuously increase the weights from workout to workout. Even if it is only half a kilo, done consistently, this results in a considerable increase over the year! However, you should always make sure that the exercise is still carried out properly! You should leave your ego at home, it only increases your risk of injury. Perform the exercises until the muscles fail, i.e. until no more clean repetitions are possible. By the way, the right music on the ears can help enormously, because it can cause an enormous increase in performance.

Make sure you have enough relaxation and regeneration of the muscles

Not only regular exercise counts, because the muscle grows in the resting phase. He needs at least 48 hours of recovery after a hard workout. During this time you shouldn’t train the same muscle again. If you train more than three times a week, you should split your training plan accordingly. A healthy sleep is of course also part of muscle building, like whey protein or chicken with rice. Therefore, you should make sure to get at least six hours of sleep, so that the recovery and regeneration of the muscles is sufficient. Anyone who has problems with this can be helped with a sleep supplement.

Periodization of the training plan – for optimal success in building muscle

Who always does the same exercises , will quickly find that the successes in muscle building decline or stagnate. Our body is very adaptable and quickly gets used to the loads. Therefore you should change the training plan every 2-3 months in order to be able to set new stimuli. This stimulates muscle building again, as the body first has to get used to the new stresses.

Fine-tuning with the right sports nutrition – post-workout supplements

After a hard workout, the muscles cry out for food! The memories are empty and need to be refilled quickly. The time after training is not called the “anabolic window” for nothing, because now nutrients have the greatest possible effect on muscle building ! Well-tried supplements for the post-workout shake are maltodextrin (up to 1g per kg of body weight), whey protein (30g), creatine (3-5g) and glutamine (3-5g). Simply mix everything together in a shaker with 300-500ml of water and consume immediately after training.

Cook yourself instead of ready meals – the six-pack is made in the kitchen!

Many athletes have a job and maybe a family on the side, so it is often difficult to stay on the ball and you tend to just push a ready-made meal into the oven. Unfortunately, these are always tainted with a lot of fat and sugar, which is why they are used as sports nutrition just not good! Discipline is required here – but it’s not too difficult either. The solution here is precooking. Just buy a couple of Tupperware jars and fill them with the finished vegetables, rice, potatoes, fish, chicken breast fillet, turkey or whatever you prefer. It stays fresh in the refrigerator and you only need to warm it up briefly in the microwave. As a little additional tip: As a matter of principle, you should avoid the popular after-work beer, because alcohol and muscle building do not really go well together. In addition to the unnecessary calories, it also has an impact on testosterone – and no bodybuilder wants to have a low testosterone level! Stick to healthy thirst quenchers like water, tea (unsweetened!), And the occasional zero drink. As a rule of thumb, one liter per kg of body weight can be used, plus the individual sweat rate (approx. One liter additional if you train hard).

Don’t forget the cardio training afterwards

After the muscle building workout, you should add a cardio unit. Pay attention to a low to medium intensity so that your pulse does not shoot into the afterlife. In this way, the fat burning is promoted in the best possible way or the fat metabolism is properly cranked, you stimulate the blood circulation and do something for your endurance. Your heart will thank you!

The sequence in training is crucial to set the best possible stimuli for muscle building

Let’s assume you train with one classic split, chest / triceps, back / biceps etc. Always trains the large muscles first, never the auxiliary muscles first! This would lead to premature fatigue, which means that you can no longer achieve the necessary performance in the large muscle groups to generate sufficient stimulus for muscle building to set. So you should train the biceps after the back and the triceps after the chest. It should also be noted that the much hated leg training should not be forgotten! A monument needs its pillars! 😉

With this in mind, we from Gymnative wish you all the best in implementing our tips!

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