Fit & slim through the Christmas season

Fit and slim through the Christmas season

Christmas stollen, cookies, mulled wine, Christmas goose and potato salad with sausages are not exactly known as sports food. These calorie bombs all hit the hard-earned figure. The Advent season is full of sweet temptations, so it’s hard to resist all of them. Starting a diet phase now and boosting fat loss with supplements is really only for real fitness freaks and requires really tough discipline. For most people this is unnecessary agony, as they neither build muscle nor want to reduce body fat during this contemplative time. Therefore, the motto should rather be pursued: Do not miss out on the pre-Christmas delights, but still not get any extra pounds on your hips.

Quality instead of quantity – the quantity makes the difference!

One should always keep in mind that it is not the type of food that is decisive for the Hüftgold, but solely the calorie balance. If I eat more calories than my daily requirement, I gain weight. If I stay the same or below the requirement, nothing comes on my hips. This does not only apply if you want to keep your figure during Advent, but all year round. You don’t always have to resist the temptations. You don’t have to prohibit anything, but eat consciously to stay slim. As long as you approach the matter thoughtfully and internalize: Sweet things are not always sweet and THE QUANTITY DOES IT!

Feast with care!

Just pay attention to the selection of your delicacies. Speculoos, for example, have fewer calories than chocolate biscuits, shortbread biscuits are much higher in fat than gingerbread. Do not buy ready-to-eat nut mixes, rather crack them yourself. This will slow your eating pace enormously. Since nuts, like a weight gainer, are high in calories, this helps you to save calories. If you need a little support, you can also rely on a supplement that suppresses appetite and counteracts food cravings. You can find good products in our Fat Burner & Diet Products category. For those who absolutely cannot do without the Christmas treats, Blackline 2.0 has a special whey protein in its range. The Honest Whey “Spekulatius” is the ultimate for everyone who wants to tackle the matter in a clever way. Just have a Christmas protein shake before the sumptuous meals, so holding back is no longer difficult, as protein is filling.

The much sought-after Christmas punch

When it comes to alcohol For many it is even more difficult. If you are on the Christmas market, you can drink a glass of mulled wine instead of your BCAA drink. It’s still better than the hot chocolate with whipped cream or the extremely sugary punch. Always remember that, unlike the protein shake mentioned above, alcohol should not be drunk before meals, as it stimulates the appetite and on top of that it inhibits fat burning. Various studies have also shown that it has a negative effect on testosterone levels. So after a glass of mulled wine, grab a hot spiced tea or a spiced chai latte.

Tips for Christmas dinner with the family

When it comes to the family Christmas dinner, you should simply rearrange the amounts that you are otherwise used to. That means that you should rather have three salad or vegetables than the high-fat Christmas roast with sauce or the fried croquettes, which certainly do not contain high-quality omega-3 fatty acids. In this way, you fill your stomach with healthier and lower-calorie foods and the volume also makes you full faster.

Movement keeps you fit and counteracts the Christmas pounds

Many simply say to themselves: “I’ll take a break now and treat myself to something”. But then you shouldn’t be surprised that the pants will soon no longer fit. Exercise is important for all of us, even over the Christmas period, and it keeps our bodies healthy. Sure, the Christmas stress is all of us, but that shouldn’t be a reason to neglect our workout. This counteracts the stress and lets you just relax. Even if you really don’t have time for training in the gym, you should at least take a walk for half an hour in the fresh air every day. This not only keeps you fit, but also burns about 100kcal and keeps your calorie balance down.

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