Full-body training at home – the TheraBand makes it possible

7 exercises for effective full-body training at home

Training at home doesn’t always have to be expensive. Heavy dumbbells, benches and space-consuming equipment are a thing of the past, because resistance bands not only save a lot of space at home, but you can also train your whole body really well.

With Theraband & Co. an effective full body workout at home can be designed very easily. The best way to do the following exercises is to train barefoot to protect the resistance bands. If you think that the execution is too easy for you, you can simply make the tape shorter, because this increases the resistance and it becomes more difficult.

But now to the 7 exercises for effective full-body training at home. Please always check the ligaments for brittle areas or cracks before training. In order to train your whole body, you should do at least 3 sets of each of the following exercises, each with 10-15 repetitions and always 2-3 times a week.

Exercise 1: push-ups

Classic push-ups are of course part of any good plan for full-body training at home. Lie on the floor and position your hands flat, roughly level with your nipples, parallel to you. Push yourself off the floor and exhale as you go. From the feet to the head, your body should always form a line, i.e. maintain core stability. You place the TheraBand over your back and place the respective ends under your palms on the right and left. Keep it short enough for you to notice sufficient resistance. The resistance band should of course remain under constant tension.

Exercise 2: Squats

What would be an effective one Full-body training at home without the good old squats. Stand on the TheraBand and position your feet about shoulder width, the foot syringes should be turned slightly outwards. Take the ends of the ribbon in your hands and run the ribbon over your shoulders from the left and right behind, as if you were carrying a backpack. Keep your abdominal muscles tense during this exercise. Now you can bend your knees deeply, but be careful – stretch your buttocks backwards, keep your back straight and bend your upper body slightly forward.

Exercise 3: Rowing

The back must not be neglected when doing full-body training at home. That’s why rowing shouldn’t be missing. Thanks to the practical accessory set from Theraband, you can also do this exercise without any problems. Simply clamp the door anchor in the bottom of your door and attach the TheraBand to it. You can of course also take the ends of the band in your hands, but the set also includes one-hand movements that make training even more pleasant. Alternatively, you can also use the wide sports handle.

Sit on the floor and support your feet against the door frame, your legs are straight. Your upper body stays upright. Now pull the resistance band to the left and right next to you, about at navel level. You breathe out. This exercise can also be varied by lifting the arms sideways so that the upper arms are horizontal and performing the rowing movement from there. You will notice that your muscles are stressed completely differently.

Exercise 4: lateral raises

Of course, when doing full-body training at home, the shoulder heads are not neglected. To do this, you just stand about shoulder width apart. Now place the TheraBand of your choice under your left foot and hold the other end with your right hand. Now you lift your arm up to the side, at least at shoulder height. Your body should always stay upright and the effort should only come from the shoulder.

Exercise 5: straightening your calves

Lie flat on your back. You position the TheraBand on one of the balls of your feet and straighten this leg, bending the other leg. You hold the ends of the tape tightly in your hands. Now you straighten your foot completely, exhaling naturally.

Exercise 6: One-armed triceps press

This exercise must also be part of a good full-body workout at home. Wrap the TheraBand around the back of a chair and hold both ends in one hand. Sit on the chair and keep your upper body straight, with a little distance from the backrest. Lift your upper arm up with your forearm or hand pointing towards your back. Of course, here too, at the lowest end, there must be tension in the belt. Now hold your upper arm rigid and straighten your forearm so that your arm is straight. You breathe out. When you go back, you breathe in again. Do the exercise so that you can feel the back of your arm doing most of the work.

Exercise 7: Biceps Curls

Stand upright with the TheraBand fixed under your feet. Take both ends, left and right, in your hands, with your arms straight down in the starting position. Keep your upper arm next to your torso throughout the exercise, only the forearm should move. Pull up and exhale, then down again and exhale. Remember to grab the tape so short that you notice the optimal resistance for you.

With these 7 exercises for effective full-body training at home you should get through the corona quarantine with ease can prevent a camp collar well. If you want to train your backside even more specifically, you should take a look at our training plan for a firm bottom.

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