Lose Weight Healthy – Fat Burning Diet

Losing weight: reducing body fat with diet and sports nutrition

In the age of Google, everyone is quickly becoming an expert in weight loss. If you want to boost your fat burning, just go online and look for a nutrition plan or how the fat on the stomach can be melted quickly. Topics like building muscle quickly, losing fat in a targeted manner, reducing weight without diet and similar questions make the search engines run hot. Various supplements and aids such as teas for weight loss or the HCG diet promise a lot. But one thing should be noted in advance: Forget statements like “lose 5 kg per week”. No matter which motto is advertised, losing weight made easy, 10 kilos in 3 weeks, losing weight with pleasure – it all boils down to a calorie deficit through healthy sports nutrition and regular activity!

Healthy weight loss – recipes for the diet

Body fat down, muscles up. Losing weight is actually not that difficult! First of all, you should determine your individual calorie requirement, because this is not the same for everyone. You can easily determine it with various online tools or mobile apps. So you have an approximate value to orient yourself by. Once you have determined your calorie requirement, you need to plan your sports nutrition for a fat burning diet and reduce it by around 500 kcal per day. As a result, you supply the body with less energy every day than it needs. So he is forced to use his reserves, i.e. the annoying fat deposits. Accompanying strength training gives the body the signal not to burn the muscles because they are being used. And at the same time strength training shapes the figure, as the word “bodybuilding” already says.

Unfounded weight loss promises: unrealistic. Untrustworthy. Unhealthy.

“Lose 16kg in one month” – When it comes to sustainable weight loss, you should be careful with such a slogan! There is no getting around sports nutrition and fitness. Because crash diets cause a yo-yo effect and can be very harmful. The only way to lose weight extremely quickly is with a huge calorie deficit. Lose weight healthily is different! Too little energy supply switches the body into a mode in which it will immediately store every calorie and reduce its metabolism to a minimum. The consequence is an immediate weight gain after starvation. Therefore, always keep in mind: Big things like muscle building and sustainable weight loss don’t happen overnight – you need time.

Muscle building and weight loss from 40 years

As you get older, you often find that the body no longer reacts the way it did when you were 20. It is harder to build muscle and burn fat is no longer what it used to be. Losing weight in middle age is not a science either. With age, not only does the body’s basic requirement decrease, but also the proportion of muscle. Basic requirement + output = total requirement. However, since the energy supplied by food is usually not reduced with age, unwanted fat rolls occur. Here, too, the key to successful weight loss is very simple: the right sports nutrition and regular sports activities. Because muscles burn calories even at rest – more muscles = higher calorie consumption!

Lose weight on the stomach: expose six packs

It is often suggested to the reader that e.g. certain supplements specifically allow the fat to melt on the stomach. This is total nonsense! A spot reduction, i.e. a targeted local fat burning, is only possible with liposuction. But diet control is extremely helpful. The point here is not that a product melts fat, but, as the name suggests, a targeted control of the diet. Food cravings are suppressed by herbal ingredients and appetite is suppressed. This makes it easier to stick to a low-calorie diet.

The diet plan for losing weight

Basically, it doesn’t matter what you eat, the main thing is that you reached a calorie deficit. But: building muscle requires building blocks in the form of proteins. And of course you should take care of your health and eat high quality and nutritious food. A good start is to just forego the fatty and high-sugar sauces. If you can’t, there are delicious low-calorie sauces.

To counteract muscle breakdown during fat burning, as the body prefers to burn it than its beloved fat deposits, you should keep the protein percentage per kilo of body weight high. Natural sources of protein are chicken breast, turkey breast, beef rump, tuna, sockeye salmon or lentils, eggs and, of course, low-fat quark. A multi-component protein, such as e.g. the Protein 96 from Frey Nutrition. Rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and oatmeal are good sources of carbohydrates. For a quick meal in between, the Instant Oats from Blackline 2.0 are worth their weight in gold! Of course, you should pay attention to the intake of mostly healthy fats with your sports nutrition. Linseed oil, olive oil and of course sockeye salmon are ideal for this. Supplements such as the V-Omega from Profuel support you excellently.

Lose weight with pleasure, but how much of what?

Examples of foods you can eat in your exercise nutrition, you now have, but how much of each should you eat? For a successful fat burning diet First and foremost, as mentioned before, you should achieve a calorie deficit. With calorie counters you can now easily find out the distribution of protein, carbohydrates and fats. To lose weight in a healthy way, you should consume a protein content of 1.8-2.0 x kg of body weight. This means that an 80kg woman should get 144-160g of protein with her exercise diet. You do the same with the fat, but with a factor of 0.6-0.8. Our example woman should eat 48-64g of fat. The rest of your desired calorie requirement is supplied by the carbohydrates. You give your body vitamins and co. With plenty of salad or vegetables. Of course, you can also include supplements such as Profuel’s greens here. Losing weight can be that easy!

Boost fat burning

Diet and the accompanying sports nutrition alone bring a lot, but regular strength training and endurance training help to achieve optimal results . This is how healthy weight loss works perfectly. If you are not very ambitious, you should at least take long walks and take the stairs instead of the elevator. For everyone else, it is important to swing the dumbbells at least three times a week and to complete light to moderate cardio training units at least as regularly. This really boosts fat burning! We have put together suitable supplements for this goal for you here.

With this in mind, the entire Gymnative team wishes you every success in losing weight!

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